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What is worthy seeing
in Wroclaw?

Wroclaw University of Science and Technology campus. 

The historic building of the Faculty of Architecture of Wroclaw University of Science and Technology
Market Square in Wroclaw - one of the largest old town markets in Europe. It is surrounded by townhouses and historic department stores. The most important architectural gems are the town hall and the pillory.
COE 2024 wroclaw
Centennial Hall - designed by Maks Berg. It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006, and nearby are the Wrocław Fountain, the Japanese Garden and the Wrocław ZOO.

Panorama Raclawicka - art museum in Wroclaw, a branch of the National Museum in Wroclaw, founded in 1893 in Lviv, since 1980 in Wroclaw. There you can see a huge painting commemorating the victorious Battle of Raclawice.

Rotunda Panoramy Raclawickiej
Hydropolis - Water Science and Knowledge Center.

Topacz Castle and Illumination Park - located about 20 minutes from the center of Wroclaw. Its origins probably date back to the 14th century. After World War II, a prison was set up in the castle, and then it was owned by the State Agricultural Farm. Today, Topacz Castle is a four-star hotel with a huge park surrounding it, tennis courts and the Motorization Museum

Cistercian Abbey in Lubiaz - 52 km from Wroclaw, a huge monastery complex, which includes the Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a baroque palace, a monastery, a library.

Książ Castle - is the third largest castle in Poland, a very attractively located huge complex. It is the flagship monument of Lower Silesia.

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